It’s a way of living.


We are fresh air, we want to make a difference and be remembered, not only for doing incredible things, but for being there for the people around us. We can help them lead the life they were meant to live. We Listen to people’s wishes.

We choose the life we live as the products we use! Choose COOLDOT.

Vision & Mission

In a world with so many things, so many gadgets, we just have to choose those that really fit ourselves, to create our own lifestyle. CoolDot is working to launch products with less environmental impact.

Over the last decade we have seen how environmental care has become a mayor priority for most big companies and small business. As change doesn’t just happen, we feel the responsibility to contribute. This is why we put all our effort to produce and release functional products that have less environmental impact on the Earth.  We are comitted to avoid those single-use products, and create long-term, long-live solutions!

Committed to offer value-added products for a better world, a better life and a better future!


Environmental care, useful, long-term, eco-friendly, daily-use, thinking about you.


If you have to pick just a product, choose a cool one!
It’s a way of living.