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The Important Thing is to Start! Interview with Maria Bernal

Our CoolDot Team was with María Bernal in her first competition in Águilas, Spain. We loved to join the event and cheer for her, because not everyone is born a professional athlete. In CoolDot, we believe in the importance of supporting new athletes that are starting their career. Maria has been training and preparing during these two years of pandemic and now we tell you how she has achieved it. We will show you how perseverance and willingness make sport a great ally of happiness.

María Bernal finishing Biking competition in Águilas, Murcia.

CoolDot: What led you to get started in the world of cycling?

María: I’ve always done ciclo indoor. I trained almost every day in the gym. Due to the pandemic, the activity in gyms was very limited and that led me to reinvent myself to be able to practice sports.

CoolDot: Would you agree that the pandemic has been the cause of your beginning in the world of road cycling?

Totally. It has been the beginning of much more.  Not only I trained on a bike, but I have discovered the variety in different modalities and I have started to train more intensely.

CoolDot: How did this whole process take place?

The confinement (even if it sounds contradictory) led me to meet more people who ride bike. When the measurements were more relaxed, I started meeting up with other people and it became addictive. Not only do you play sports, you also socialize a lot. The bike routes are long and this allows you to have lunch or eat out with other riders. You can do this with your friends and colleagues and it leads to many moments of conversation and fun.  From there on, I met people who encouraged me to do it with greater frequency and, although I know that I still have a long way to go, I believe I have achieved an important growth.

CoolDot: You say you feel like you’ve evolved. Did you start from a previous training point or was it all gradual?

Totally gradual. Sports that combine different modalities are complicated and require a lot of perseverance and patience. The progression begins step by step. I follow a weekly plan that combines swimming, cycling, running and transition days. Also, it is interesting the combination of mountain bike with road bike. That is, the mountain bike helps you strengthen, which is then reflected in the progression on the road. At least, that was my experience.

CoolDot: Are there any important aspects to the sports you practice?

Biomechanics. It is essential to know and listen to the body. Knowing how to properly configure the three main support points of the bike (saddle, handlebars and coves) and adjust it to the type of bike is essential to avoid and prevent joint injuries.

CoolDot: What else can you tell us about your beginning in this sport?

I am a person who practices this sport in an amateur way. But I have to say that my goal is to keep competing and evolving. I’m happy to collaborate with CoolDot, because it’s important to show that sports can be practiced at all levels and that it’s never too late to get started in something you like.  Movement is life, and I am happy to have been able to bring out a positive aspect to these difficult two years.  

María with CoolDot Ozeanic Eco Bottle with ozone purificator.

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