Fitness Bands Pack


Fitness Bands Pack

Achieve your fitness goals and routines with this Fitness Bands Pack. Includes one set hip bands, and one set of resistance bands. Ideal for home exercises, yoga, pilates, abs workout, and crossfit.

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Fitness Bands Pack

Pack of Fitness Bands

At Cooldot we want to help you achieve your fitness goals. As a result, we have created this Functional Fitness Pack composed of our star products. Due to our products’ premium quality and features they are ideal to use at home. In addition, easy to store and transport. Therefore, you can take it to your nearby gym, yoga class, and outdoor spaces.

Paket beinhaltet:

1. Hip Bands Set: Elastic exercise bands for legs and glutes. Ideal for home exercises, yoga, pilates, abs workout, and crossfit. This set includes 3 levels of resistance: Strong (Green), Medium (Pink), Soft (Purple). Whether you are a beginner or a regular user, each resistance band adapts to the exercise and level you are looking for. The length of each rubber band marks its resistance (the shortest is the hardest).

2. Resistance Bands Set: Ideal für Bodybuilding, Training, Brustmuskeln, Arme, Rücken, Deltamuskeln und viele weitere Workouts. Passen Sie sich Ihrem eigenen Widerstandslevel an. Die Riemenspannung reicht von 10 bis 150 LB (4,5 bis 68 kg).

Wenn Sie nach einem Yoga-Paket suchen, schauen Sie vorbei Cooldot Yoga Pack.


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