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Do Hip Bands Really Work?

What are Hip Bands?

Hip Bands, booty bands, glute bands, resistance bands, and mini bands, are all terms to refer to a type of resistance band made from elastic fabric used to tone and exercise the core and lower body: glutes, hips, and legs. They add pressure or resistance to exercises such as squats, lunges, and kicks, activating your muscles and promoting strength and flexibility. They are a great complement to your daily routine!

The question is: Do Booty Bands Really Work?

The truth is that hip bands might be underestimated by those who haven’t tried them, it is until you try them when you realize their effectiveness. It is until you place them around your thighs and try to do a normal set of donkey kicks, that you feel that your glutes start to burn more than usual!

Why Should You Own A Set of Hip Bands?

  1. Improvement of Strength: 

These bands are called booty bands for a reason! They aim to strengthen and tone your booty. You have to place them around thighs while performing exercises such as: squats, kickbacks, deadlifts, and the resistance of the band will bring your legs together. Then, our muscles must counteract this force stimulating glute activation and improving the workout efficacy.

  1. Prevention of Injuries:

With a set of hip bands you don’t have to worry about dealing with heavy lifts or weights that can injure your back, muscles, or joints. Their non slip texture will allow you to perform your exercises safely and effectively. With a regular use they will provide your core and glutes stability and strength.

  1. Lightweight and Portable:

Hip bands are easy to carry, lightweight and space friendly. You can use them for your workouts at home, with the same ease as taking them to a gym, park, pilates class, and more. 

What to Look for When Buying Hip Bands?

It is important to buy a set of glute bands that will help you achieve your goals.

  1. Quality

Don’t compromise quality over price. A set of good quality hip bands will help you obtain better results and prevent any injuries. Additionally, greater quality will also ensure more durability.

  1. Resistance

You should look for a set of different resistance level hip bands in order to alternate your exercises and dynamically target different muscles and body areas.

  1. Material: 

Material is also an important factor when choosing a set of hip bands. We do not want them to roll up or be uncomfortable to our skin. That is why we suggest fabric bands with non slip material. This will also allow you to perform your routine smoothly. 

Should I Buy a Set of Hip Bands?

If you want to strengthen your lower body muscles, tone your glutes, and add a little resistance to your basic routines, then you should absolutely buy a set of hip bands. 

Our Recommendation:

CoolDoot Hip Bands Bands: 

We would like to present to you our CoolDot set of non-slip body building bands for legs and glutes. These booty bands are made of ultra-resistant materials, a combination of polyester and latex that provides softness and firmness. A layer of rubber on the interior part provides these bands a non-slip property that favors their use. Good news: they do not roll up, curl or slide!

They come in three different resistance levels (colours): soft (green), medium (pink), strong (purple). Whether you are a beginner or a regular user, each resistance band adapts to the exercise and level you are looking for. The length of each rubber band marks its hardness (the shortest is the hardest).

Use these resistance bands to perform exercises at home or at the gym: rowing series, push-ups, squats and openings (deltoids, pectorals) to tone the arms, back, hips, legs, glutes, chest and abs. Ideal for pilates, yoga or functional training.

The set includes 3 high-quality elastic exercise bands in pastel colours. In addition, in the same pack you can find a manual with basic routines to start using them and a portable bag. 

We hope this post helps you find the ideal hip bands and helps you achieve your fitness goals! If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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