with antibacterial properties

Improves posture

This stability ball allows to increase strength and muscle tone, strengthening the intervertebral muscles, which reinforce the structures of the vertebrae.

Washable Cover

Includes elegant machine washable cover with soft and antibacterial fabric.

be ready to feel

Next-Level Sound


Cooldot Stability Balls are the perfect combination of an exercise ball and a chair. Thanks to its elegant ergonomic design and safety handle, you can use it at home, in the gym, and in the office.

Strengthen muscles

Sitting on a Cooldot Fitball builds strength by working your core muscles, including your abdomen, hips, chest, and spinal muscles.

Relieves back pain

Cooldot Stability Balls make the spine more flexible and tone and strengthen postural muscles. In this way, they help relieve and prevent back pain.

Promotes circulation

Actively sitting promotes a steady muscle contraction, which propels blood through muscle tissue and throughout the rest of the body.

This means that oxygenated blood cells are pumped throughout the body, rejuvenating the body and mind.

Antibacterial material

The covers that cover the Cooldot stability balls undergo an antibacterial and anti-mite treatment, with an efficiency of 99%, successfully tested by the AATCC 100 test; 1:20 NB.

Ideal for pregnant women

Sitting on a Cooldot balance ball helps open the pelvis, which helps the baby descend during the last days and hours leading up to delivery. Additionally, gently bouncing on the ball can help ease the pain of contractions.

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