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Yoga, Body and Mind

It’s time to embrace Yoga. From  CoolDot  we love to know  your experiences. Remember that it does not matter if you are a professional or amateur, the important thing is that you enjoy.

Today , Judith tells us about her experience. A whole passionate to thisdiscipline. The desire is the engine of this discipline and the barriers your own mind.

Let’s learn more about this practice and all it can bring.

CoolDot: When did you discover Yoga?

It’s always been an interest I’ve had awake. I read, talked to friends and family about it, but in the end I never took the step of starting. Even though I’m an active person,I’ve never been a great athlete and I thought that might be a limitation. However, four years ago, at a time of professional and personal change I was encouraged to try it. I signed up for a course of a couple of weeks. I loved it, but I moved my residence and didn’t continue with it. Yoga and change have always gone hand in hand in my life.

CoolDot: What led you to pause practice? When did you actually resume it and it became part of your daily routine?

I stopped practicing Yoga when I left Madrid. I was living in the Canary Islands and the United States for a few months for work and I stopped the practice for a while.

Later, residing in Bristol, I started to have more free time. I started practicing  Vinyasa  and I haven’t been able to stop anymore. It helps me mentally and physically.  It’s a quality time that I enjoy every time I practice.

CoolDot: What do you enjoy most about your practice?

The ability to overcome yourself physically and especially mentally. Yoga can be understood as a very complicated practice, in which you require a certain physical condition. But that is not the case. Like any discipline it has its beginnings. You have to start and grow mentally and physically. Like any sport, when you feel the need to run, jump, hit a boxing bag… it frees you. Yoga is the same. It is a process that must be started, learned and  that requires perseverance. By this I mean that your physical condition or lack of time is no excuse. If you like it, you can with it. The only barrier, and also the best ally  is yourself.

CoolDot: Does yoga help you beyond the sports aspect?

Of course. totally. It is very common when you practice yoga pensar  “go, that’s impossible for me to do it”. But in the end, when you begon and  pay more attention to it,you discover that you can achieve it.

Well, sometimes you also discover that you can’t, and you adapt the posture to your body and that’s good, because it teaches you to accept. I would even dare to say  that it is more interesting as well. Maybe,you stay on the doorstep of gettingit , but you learn that accepting things not only inside the  matt but also outside, is very necessary. It helps you to live quietly.

CoolDot: For you, What benefits does Yoga bring you?

Concentration. Disconnect from the worries of your life. It’s a time of day when you enter a bubble where only you, your body and mind are. The goal is  to think about every posture you are performing and feel your body,your breaths… . All this is impossible if your concentration is not maximum. The practice of yoga  teaches you the importance of presence. The presence  and acceptance  of  oneself and what happens to us is something I love. . We have to love each other more, even if it is for a while.

On a personal note, what I like most is the “mental unlocking”. This may sound kind of geeky, but to me it’s very real. Thinking “this isn’t for me.” “I can’t achieve that position.” In the end, when you start, you discover the power of the mind to be our greatest traitor. Extrapolating that to other facets of day-to-day is great.

CoolDot: How do you practice it? Is there a specific place or materials?

The beauty of yoga is that you can practice it wherever you want. Siempre it is good to have a guide,  with whom you feel affinity and understand yourself,  but the daily practice can be done in  tu home, a natural place,the beach,  mountain.. It’s  all about planning your time and practicing it. I really like to create a “beautiful space” that helps me connect and enjoy the practice.

Of course, the essential material is the mat. Toccesorios like the  Zafu,pads and meditation benches help a lot and are recommended. Of course I was able to seeand test the CoolDot material and I loved it.

CoolDot: Well Judith, we appreciate that last comment. It is a luxury to see that people practice what they like the most and on top of that we can contribute our granite so that they do it in a more fun and comfortable way.

CoolDot: What would you like to share with all the people who practice or want to start?

Many people associate “body and mind” with Yoga and it seems something mystical that can sometimes generate doubt,  but nothing to see. If you practice it you discover that, like any sports discipline, it contributes much more. The world is going faster and faster and our generation is not used to stop to  reflect and meditate on why we are here,how we feel, and what we are living. But it is important to pause briefly, breathe  connect, give yourself and space to process and follow.  We are all the moments we live in, let us be aware of them and let us make everyone add up.

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