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Indulge your kids in fun-filled exercise with the COOLDOT Gym Exercise Ball – Yoga Ball for Children. This gym fitness ball is an ideal ergonomic alternative solution for sitting and standing desks. With its patented self-standing base design, this COOLDOT gym exercise ball makes the perfect combination of a fitball and chair.

This multi-functional kid’s exercise ball is ideal for helping fun-loving kids release excess energy and excitement, providing an escape route for anxiety and hyperactivity. This gym ball can be used as a mini yoga ball or kids’ exercise ball, with its stable seating surface allowing your child to move and bounce so they can spend their excess energy.

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This excersice ball includes:
-A subtle carry handle that helps make it easy to carry.
-Machine washable cloth cover with a special zipper that has both slip-resistant and anti-burst properties, making it easy to zip or unzip for kids and adults.
Simply unzip and remove the cloth cover, load it up into your washing machine, and wash it up in cold water. However we recommended you DO NOT machine dry this gym yoga ball, and instead leave it to hang or air dry.
-Manual air pump.


18 inches / 45 cm diameter