Premium Leatherette Antibacterial Yoga Sitting Ball Chair – Brown


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Premium Leatherette fabric cover with antibacterial properties.

With Handle for Home, Office, Pilates, Yoga
Stability and Fitness
Includes PVC Sitting Ball with Pump
Size: 65cm Diameter/75cm Diameter

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Premium Leatherette CoolDot Fitball, Yoga and Sitting Ball Chair.

Cooldot fitball are more than a ball. Practice yoga, pilates, and functional exercises in a different way. The CoolDot fitball goes further: Antibacterial  cover. Also, it has an incredible design. You can use it at home or in the office, as the fitball is a perfect alternative to sit down. In addition, the design and the variety of colors make it fun and one more element of your home or office decoration.

An alternative to the office chair: Fitball.

Despite knowing the right position to take when we are sitting for long hours, the reality is that it is often difficult for us to apply it. The tension at work and the times we’re sitting make us forget and reflect on our body posture. How many times have we sat properly and, throughout the day, our body has been draining along the office chair?

The alternative for avoid this bad habit is the use of a fitball. Not having a backrest, the ergonomic position when sitting let us to keep our back straight.

What kind of fitball is the best?

You can find different models in the market. From 65 to 75 cm of diameter. However, from CoolDot,we wanted to go further. At work, the environment is a key factor to feel encouraged and endure the workday. Therefore, the balls should be one more element of the decoration of the office. In addition, CoolDot has developed a Premium Leatherette Antibacterial Sitting Ball Chair.  A perfect combination of good design and comfort.

Even more, innovation is always present in our products. In that way, we offer the unique Antibacterial Fitball with washable cover. 

However, what is important is the versatility of this new form of seat. Therefore, we present below the benefits of acquiring a fitball.

If you spend the majority of your time sitting, you should consider replacing your office chair with a sitting ball due to the several benefits it represents. Active sitting plays a crucial role in leading a healthy lifestyle, not only it relieves back pain but also improves core strength, stability, movement, and essentially your sitting posture.

Size available: 65 cm and 75 cm.

Available colours: Camel and brown.

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-Self standing ergonomic design: patented self-standing base design makes this COOLDOT gym yoga ball the perfect combination of a fitball and chair; this gym fitness ball is an ergonomic alternative solution for sitting and standing desk.
– Cover with special zipper making it slip-resistant and anti-burst.
-Subtle carry handle which makes it easy to carry.
-Air pump and assembly instructions


100% Polyester fabric.

Additional Information

Just use the included bowler or a similar tool to inflate the inner ball until the out shell is completely filled, and your exercise ball is pumped and ready to for an exciting day of play.


65cm, 75cm


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