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Antibacterial Yoga Sitting Ball Chair – Brown

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CoolDot Antibacterial Fitball – Sitting Ball Chair – Stability Ball

The CoolDot Yoga Sitting Ball Chair is the perfect combination between an exercise ball and a sitting ball. This innovative swiss ball improves posture and relieves back pain associated to spending many hours sitting in chair. It is also used as a fitball to practice yoga, pilates, and other types of functional exercises. Additionally, it’s washable fabric cover is made with antibacterial properties.

Sizes available: 65 cm and 75 cm.

Colours available: gray, brown, burgundy, blue.

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Cooldot Antibacterial Yoga Sitting Ball Chair

Meet the new Ergonomic Alternative to the Office Chair:

Many of us often sit for 40 hours or more in a common office chair each week. As a result, this can lead to serious back pain, back stress and tension on the spinal discs. For instance, if you spend much time in a hunched position. However, have you ever considered replacing a traditional office chair with a fitball or sitting ball? Using a sitting ball provides multiple health and fitness benefits, for example improving your sitting posture.

As a result, we have created the CoolDot Antibacterial Yoga Sitting Ball Chair. CoolDot fitballs feature the perfect combination of design and comfort. First of all, they are made with antibacterial properties and a washable cover. Secondly, their innovative design blends in perfectly with your existing furniture and home décor. Our CoolDot sitting balls are available in 65cm or 75cm in diameter. And in gray, brown, burgundy, and blue colours.

The Benefits of Using a Stability Ball

Using a fitball, swiss ball, or yoga ball as an alternative of an office chair provides multiple health and fitness benefits.

  1. Relieves Back Pain
  2. Corrects Posture
  3. Enhances Core Strength
  4. Increases Calorie Burn
  5. Improves Stability and Balance
  6. Promotes Movement
  7. Improves Circulation and Concentration

In conclusion, if you spend the majority of your time sitting, you should consider replacing your office chair with a sitting ball due to the several benefits it represents. Active sitting plays a crucial role in leading a healthy lifestyle. Certainly, it relieves back pain but also improves core strength, stability, movement, and essentially your sitting posture.

For more details about the benefits of fitballs read the following article in Health and Wellbeing Magazine UK: Fitball: 5 Health And Fitness Benefits

Discover also our new Premium Leatherette Antibacterial Sitting Ball Chair, the new design of fitballs in leather like material.

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Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg

– Antibacterial material.
– Ergonomic alternative solution for a chair.
– Machine washable removable cover with zipper and handle.
– Slip-resistant and anti-burst.
– Includes Exercise Ball with Air Pump.


100% Polyester fabric.

Additional Information

Place inner ball inside the fabric cover and use the air pump to inflate the inner ball (It might take a few minutes). Inflate until inner ball is completely filled, don’t worry it will not explode. If you don’t fill the ball completely it might seem as if the fabric cover is too big. Fill with air until the fabric cover fits perfectly.


65cm, 75cm

10 reviews for Antibacterial Yoga Sitting Ball Chair – Brown

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  1. ANNE D. (verified owner)

    Delivery and quality as per expectation

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  2. María jose Martinez (verified owner)

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  3. Anna (verified owner)


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  4. Vanessa C.R.

    Ha sido un regalo que le hice a mi hermana y está encantada. Tiene artrosis degenerativa, y estar muchas horas sentada en el trabajo, hacia que su espalda se cargase muchísimo. La resulta muy comoda, y el dolor se ha reducido un montón.

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  5. Papper

    Ich habe mir diesen Sitzball zugelegt, da ich im HomeOffice in der Coronazeit arbeite. Wer hat schon einen Ergonomisch korrekt eingerichteten Arbeitsplatz? Ich nicht. Um Haltungsschäden vorzubeugen, habe ich also eine gute Alternative gesucht und damit gefunden.Der Ball passt sehr gut und da ich eine Größe von 1,80 M habe, halte ich es auch für wichtig zu erwähnen, dass man sehr gut und um 90 Grad-Winkel die Beine aufstellen kann. Der Ball soll bis 150 KG belastbar sein. Ist auch so – mein Mann hat ihn getestet :-). Zum Thema Nähte und Druckstellen, kann ich nur sagen, dass durch das angenehme Material, ich keine Druckstellen am … habe und die Nähte sich auch nicht zu weit auseinander ziehen bei Belastung.Als einziger Kritikpunkt bringe ich die Luftpumpe an. Diese hat wenig Leistung um man pumpt sich einen Wolf.

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