Functional Fitness Pack


Functional Fitness Pack

Achieve your fitness goals and routines with this Functional Fitness Pack. Includes antibacterial exercise ball, hip bands, and resistance bands. Ideal for home exercises, yoga, pilates, abs workout, and crossfit.

Antibacterial Sitting Ball Chair Yoga Ball - Grey
1 × Antibacterial Yoga Sitting Ball Chair 65 cm - Gray (Pack)

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1 × Hip Bands

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Functional Fitness Pack

Pack of Functional Fitness Accessories

In CoolDot we want to help you achieve your fitness goals. As a result, we have created this Functional Fitness Pack composed of our star products. Due to our products’ premium quality and features they are ideal to use at home. In addition, easy to store and transport. Therefore, you can take it to your nearby gym, yoga class, and outdoor spaces.

Pack Includes:

1. Antibacterial Yoga Sitting Ball Chair: The perfect combination between an exercise ball and a sitting ball. This innovative swiss ball improves posture and relieves back pain. Additionally, it is the perfect fitball to practice yoga, pilates, and other types of exercises. Likewise, it’s washable fabric cover is made with antibacterial properties.

2.Hip Bands: Elastic exercise bands for legs and glutes. Ideal for home exercises, yoga, pilates, abs workout, and crossfit.

3. Resistance Bands: Ideal for bodybuilding, training, pectorals, arms, back, deltoids, and many more workouts. Adapt to your own resistance level. Belts tension range from 10 to 150LB (4.5 to 68KG).

View the following video to learn more details about our Yoga and Meditation Accessories.

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