New Aerobic Burners Fat Burner 20 sticks


Fat Burner with Carnitine
Box of 20 sticks of 10 ml each.


New Aerobic Burners is an effective Fat Burner with liquid Carnitine, with two of the best patents in the world in its field, Carnipure® and Synetrol®.

L-Carnitine is essential for the transportation of long-chain fatty acids through the mitochondrial membrane, for the subsequent breakdown of fats and generation of energy. Sinetrol is a blend of substances extracted from citrus fruit sources, such as orange, grapefruit or lemon. Among its components there is a high concentration of polyphenols that contribute to promoting the loss of body fat (lipolytic effect).


Carnipure® 1000 mg, Synetrol® 900 mg, EF Equisetum arvense 1: 1 stems and leaves (horsetail fluid extract) 70 mg, Ananas sativus ratio 2.5-3.5: 1 (Pineapple juice concentrate) 58 mg, EF Paullina cupana 1: 1 stems and leaves (Guarana fluid extract) 52 mg, EF Camelia sinensis 1: 1 leaves (Green tea fluid extract) 29 mg, and Vitamin B3 Niacin (Nicotinamide) 2 mg (12 , 5% NRV). Sweeteners: Steviol glocosides (Stevia) and Sucralose.


  • Acceleration of burning fat process.
  • Energy boost for our training or activity.
  • Innovative and ecological presentation in sticks, easy and comfortable to use.
  • One stick per day before physical activity.
  • Quality and effectiveness, scientifically proven patents.
  • Increases metabolism.
  • Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect


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