Eternal Senolytics Preventive Nutraceutical for Longevity – 60 caps


Nutraceutical for Longevity
Strengthens the Immune System
60 V-caps (Vegetable Capsules) for 30 days


ETERNAL SENOLYTICS is a nutraceutical prepared to attenuate the aging process. Aging is a main risk factor for developing chronic diseases such as neurodegenerative diseases, cancer and other pathologies such as metabolic ones. Senescent cells are old cells that lose their functional abilities, can degenerate and mutate, in addition to releasing cytokines, proteases, chemocytokines, and pro-inflammatory substances. All of this causes chronic inflammation and cellular dysfunction. ETERNAL SENOLYTICS eliminates senescent cells reducing the risk of these alterations.


  • People over 40, who take care of themselves and want to prolong their quality of life.
  • People concerned about maintaining a good physical condition and optimal health during their aging.
  • People who already have age-related disorders.


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