100% Vegan Protein 2lb

Vegan/ Vegetarian
Lactose Free
Fat & Sugar Free
No Preservatives

Flavours: Chocolate, Cookies.

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100% Vegan Protein  is a blend of vegetable protein, its composition is the ideal combination of rice and pea that provides us with the fundamental 8 essential amino acids that the vast majority of vegan proteins do not contain. This protein is essential for people who have a vegan or vegetarian diet due to its added contribution of B12.

Protein for athletes and people who follow a vegan diet, adds essential vitamins B6 and B12 in vegan diets, since especially B12 is only found in animal protein.

Pea protein  is the most complete plant protein, it is an essential part of a healthy diet and plays a vital role in helping your body build muscle, strong bones, and healthy tissues. Since the pea is a legume plant, it contains about 20-30% amount of protein. In addition to its high protein content, the pea is also rich in essential amino acids.

Rice protein perfectly complements pea protein, bringing the amino-gram, and its protein composition closer to the most complete animal protein food, such as whey protein, in addition, rice protein is a excellent source of high quality amino acids, which has become very popular due to healthy fit lifestyle trends. This protein is an ally when it comes to increasing sports performance and is an essential aid in slimming and weight loss diets.


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Chocolate, Cookies


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