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CoolDot Thermal Bag

Ecological Thermal Pillow to relieve pain and help relaxation. Made with 100% organic cotton, and filled with lavender flowers and seeds. Additionally, it has a removable and washable cover.

Colours: pink, black, red and blue.

Measurements: 22×8.5cm

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Cooldot Thermal Bag (Pack)

Cooldot Thermal Bag for Yoga and Meditation

In CoolDot we want to help you achieve your maximum level in yoga and meditation. As a result, we have created this Yoga and Meditation Thermal Bag. It is handcrafted, and made with 100% natural materials. Due to it’s comfort and functionality it is ideal to use at home. In addition, it is small easy to store and transport. Therefore, you can take it to your yoga class, meditation hall, retreat, and outdoor spaces.

Therapeutic: It is used to relieve different types of pain, for example: inflammation, menstrual, lower back pain, contractures, migraines, and tired legs. Similarily, you can also use it to relax after a day of intense work.

Heat or Cold: Provides local heat by heating this bag in the microwave and enhances its calming and relaxing effects. You can also apply dry cold, putting the thermal bag in the freezer to reduce inflammation.

Flower and Seed Filling: As a result of its natural products, this pillow is eco-friendly. Made with 100% organic cotton. The pad is filled with lavender flowers and seeds, calm and relaxation enhancers. Additionally, it has a removable and washable cover.

Handcrafted: Handmade product made in Spain.

Light to Carry:  Thanks to its small size (17 x 30 cm) and its weight of 960 grams, you can always carry your therapeutic bag with you. Includes bag to store easily.

Cooldot Thermal Pillow , used to relieve different types of pain. A perfect accessory to provide heat or dry cold.

  • Thermal Pillow filled with seeds and lavender flower.
  •  Washable and removable cover. (100% cotton)
  • Soft touch.
  • Handcraft.
  • 100% cotton bag with drawstring closure, to store and protect the bag.

Cooldot Thermal Bag  is available in differents colors: purple, red, black and blue. Use to apply heat or dry cold to relax.

View the following video to learn more details about our Yoga and Meditation Accessories.

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