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Thermal Pillow


Thermal Bag. Thermal bag filled with seeds and lavender flower. Washable and removable cover. 100% cotton. Soft touch. Handcraft. 100% cotton bag with drawstring closure. Made in Spain.

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Cooldot Thermal Pillow 

Cooldot Yoga Accessories

What does Yoga mean to you?

At CoolDot we want to help you achieve the maximum meaning in your yoga practice by offering you products that go further. Yoga is a philosophy and therefore, from Cooldot, we are committed to the origin, production and detail of our products, like our Thermal Pillow.

Why choose Cooldot Thermal Pillow?

Handcraft products, made with natural materials and with a local manufacturing process that is committed to support the local community.

Enjoy your moment of meditation and connection of your body and mind with our handcraft products made with high quality natural materials. Moreover, the level of your practice does not matter.

The resistance of the seams and the quality of the materials make Cooldot products suitable for any type of level. Even more, with Cooldot product practice yoga where you enjoy the most: outdoors, in nature, yoga studio, meditation, at home. The quality of the seams and its ease of washing allow you to take yoga wherever you want.

Cooldot Thermal Pillow , used to relieve different types of pain. A perfect accessory to provide heat or dry cold.

  • Thermal Pillow filled with seeds and lavender flower.
  •  Washable and removable cover. (100% cotton)
  • Soft touch.
  • Handcraft.
  • 100% cotton bag with drawstring closure, to store and protect the bag.
  • Approximate measurements (width x height): 17×30 cm
  • Made in Spain.


Cooldot Thermal Pillow  is available in differents colors: purple, red, black and blue. So, you can enjoy a colorful session of your favorite practice.

Remember our products have many more uses. You can also use the thermal pillow to apply heat or dry cold to relax.

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Black, Blue, Pink, Red


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