Lightweight Yoga Mat – Purple


CoolDot Portable Lightweight Yoga Mat – Travel Yoga Mat with Body Lines Alignment System. Thickness: 1,5mm

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CoolDot Lightweight Yoga Mat

The yoga mat is an essential that will allow you to do exercises wherever you want. Gym, home or office, the important thing is to listen to your body and activate the muscles when it is most necessary. With CoolDot Lightweight Yoga Mat, you can take it anywhere. There are no excuses!

Why choose CoolDot LigYoga Mat

Choosing a good mat is important. Therefore, the Cooldot Lightweight Yoga Mat has all the features and much more:

Lightweight: This yoga mat is the best choice for traveling. You can take it to the gym, pilates or yoga class. Even, you can use it for outdoors sports. It folds easily and it’s lightweight is perfect for easy travel.

Body Alignment System: These non-slip yoga mats are laser engraved with a body alignment system. This is perfect to optimize your exercises and always maintain the correct position. It includes vertical, horizontal and curved axes and lines to facilitate training and always have the correct posture, which prevents damage and injuries.

Anti-Slip Mat: This yoga and pilates mat for both women and men has a top layer of PU and a bottom layer of natural rubber. In that way, this combination generates a high resistance to slipping, both dry and wet (sweat).

Useful for all Workouts: This mat is ideal for yoga and pilates, but you can also use it to practice other sports or workouts, both at home and at the gym, parks or any outdoor location. Also, includes a high-quality carry bag to store your yoga mat after each use.

Eco Yoga Mat: CoolDot Yoga Mats are manufactured with ecological and high quality materials, such as natural rubber. We promote the respect for the environment and practicing this sport in a sustainable way. We use recycled, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials in our products.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

We built this yoga mat with everyday life in mind. Its high quality materials make it the most durable in the market. Resistant to intensive use. Additionally, it is very easy to maintain. It is easy to clean using a cloth dampened with soapy water. Do not use a washing machine or dryer for this product.

All you need is a perfect mat for traveling and we have it!

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