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Strength Exercises at Home

Strength at Home.

Strength exercices at home? Because movement is happiness, at CoolDot we believe that there are no excuses: You can exercise anywhere. Therefore, today we show you the benefits of strength training and how it is possible to do it from home.
It is always necessary to remember that strength exercises, as well as any type of physical activity, must be adjusted and according to the condition and physical capacity of everyone. Therefore, it is important to contact a health expert in case of any doubt.

What Types of Strength Can We Apply?

The force, depending on the way in which it is applied, we can distinguish:

  • Maximum strength: Highest possible load to move in an attempt.
  • Resistance strength: Maximum ability to lengthen a force work.
  • Explosive strength: Ability to perform force work in the shortest possible time.

What Can The Strength Exercises Bring Us?

Many people, when they hear about strength exercise, think of gyms with weights and people with muscles. However, it is much more. Strength exercises, even at low intensities, can achieve benefits such as:

  • Treat symptoms and pains of certain injuries, such as those of the back.
  • Increased bone density.
  • Weight control. Many times we may think that cardio exercises are the most effective for calorie burning and weight reduction. However, especially in women, strength exercises can be very beneficial in regulating muscle loss levels.

How Can We Perform Strength Exercises at Home?

One of the advantages of strength exercises is that it can be performed with materials easy to store at home , complemented by self-discharge exercises (our own body), make it possible for us to carry them out in a small space. A good example of this are elastic bands and fitness balls. Different studies have highlighted the ease of use and the great potential of  elastic bands. Let’s look at some examples:

  1. They are used to treat diseases such as COPD.
  2. They help improve strength in the upper train for those with insensitivity or inability to move in the lower train.
  3. Muscle strengthening, avoiding bone loss.  

Below, we show you some exercises you can develop at home with your own weight and the use of lightitems, such as resistance bands or hip bands.

Resistance Bands:

  1. Bicep curl.
  2. Side raises.
  3. Triceps.
  4. Chest press.
  5. Shoulder press.
  6. Upper back  row.
  7. Calves.
  8. Leg adductor.
  9. Abdomen.
  10. Arms.
Hips Bands – Strength at home

Hips bands:

  1. Abductors and  glutes.
  2. Hips and waist.
  3. Quadriceps.
  4. Adductors, abductors and quadriceps.

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