Service for Distributor

Doki proposes an aftersalesservice for Distributor. This service allows Distributor to offer such a service to their Customers and Authorized Retailers who have purchased Doki Products. This service is subject to the following conditions.

2.1. Dead on Arrival Products (DOA)

Defective products returned to Distributor/ Retailers by end consumers during the DOA Period (DOA Product) shall be consolidated by Distributor and shall be returned to Doki under the conditions stated below.

DOA Period

The DOA period starts on the day of collection of goods from Hong Kong shipping port by Distributor’s appointed freight forwarder and lasts thirty (30) calendar days.

Acceptance conditions of DOA Product:

  • The product is actually defective. A defective product is a product that despite a firmware update and reformatting, has a defect rendering it unfit for the use for which it is intended.
  • The product is returned in its original box with all accessories.
  • The product shows no signs of wear. Tolerance is given at the discretion of Doki for very small marks of wear (ex. a maximum of two small scratches).
  • Presentation of the original proof of purchase stamped with the date of receipt of the product by Distributor.
  • Product returned to Distributor within the DOA period.
  • Observance of the warranty conditions.
  • Product returned with the IMEI serial number obtained in the original box.
  • The product diagnostic showing that the product is defective is provided to Doki.
  • RMA form is completed by Distributor and RMA number is obtained from Doki.