[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Warranty Conditions

  • Doki warrants to the Distributor of Doki Products that the hardware is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for the duration of the warranty period.
  • The end consumer must keep, for the whole duration of the warranty period, the original invoice showing the date of purchase. A copy of the invoice will be required to validate the warranty. Invoices from Distributor or Authorized Retailers are the only proof of purchase accepted by Doki. For example, proof of purchase such as credit card statements (Visa,MasterCard, Amex, Discovery etc.) or PayPal Authorizenet.com, bills etc. will not be accepted by Doki.
  • Doki does not guarantee the operation of the product with non-compatible software.
  • Doki only guarantees products against defects resulting from normal use and therefore the warranty does not apply to:
  1. Products with cosmetic damage (ex. dent, crack, scratch etc.) and/or traces of moisture/corrosion and/or spillage of food/liquids
  2. Products having undergone improper testing, operation, demonstration, maintenance, installation, adjustment or any alteration or modification of any kind
  3. Software, interfaces, connectors, storage media, parts, or equipment that are not provided or approved by Doki
  4. Products that have been operated with incorrect or irregular supply voltage
  5. Any use of the product outside of its specifications

Expressly excluded from warranty: Battery, USB charger, and LCD screen

  • Doki products are equipped with batteries whose number of charging cycles is limited. Thus, the battery life will gradually decrease. Doki does not guarantee any specific battery life, as it is contingent on variables that Doki cannot control such as the frequency of charge/discharge cycles.
  • Doki does not guarantee the improper use of the USB charger with uncompliant power sources rendering the charge time and efficiency to vary.
  • Doki does not guarantee the LCD screen of the product against accidental or non-accidental damages such as crack, scratch, moisture, etc.
  • Doki reserves the right to reject any parcel with packaging defects. An improper packaging can be the cause of damages to the product to which Doki cannot be held responsible.