sitting ball chair with antibacterial properties

Improves posture

This sitting ball chair allows you to maintain a correct posture when sitting. Additionally, helps increase core strength and muscle activation. Reduces back pain and injuries.

Washable Cover

Includes a machine washable fabric cover. Choose our sitting ball chair in a variety of colours. Furthermore, all feature antibacterial properties.

Do you spend a lot of time sitting?

the sitting ball chair is the solution

Meet Cooldot’s Sitting Ball Chair & Exercise Ball. The new ergonomic solution for a chair. That is to say, these multifunctional balls are ideal for active sitting in the office or at home. Additionally, use them to complete your exercise routines, yoga, or pilates.


Antibacterial Yoga Sitting Ball Chair – Gray


Antibacterial Yoga Sitting Ball Chair – Brown


Antibacterial Yoga Sitting Ball Chair – Burgundy


BENEFITS OF using a ball chair

Multifunctional Ball Chair

The perfect combination of an exercise ball and a chair. Generates multiple health and fitness benefits. In addition, features an elegant ergonomic design and safety handle. Therefore, you can use it at home, at the gym, or office.

Strengthen muscles

Use this fitball to build core strength and activate your muscles. For example, you can work out your abdomen, hips, chest, and spinal muscles at the same time. Additionally, a strong core reduces risk of back injuries.

Relieves back pain

An ergonomic solution to the office chair. Promotes flexibility and corrects posture. For this reason, this ball chair helps relieve spine and back pain. In addition, daily spinal rotations also help strengthen the pelvis, paraspinal, and core.

Promotes circulation

Actively sitting promotes a steady muscle contraction, which propels blood through muscle tissue and throughout the rest of the body. In other words, that oxygenated blood cells are pumped throughout the body, rejuvenating the body and mind.

Antibacterial material cover

The cover of the yoga ball is made with antibacterial properties. That is to say, it undergoes an antibacterial and anti-mite treatment. Features an efficiency of 99%, successfully tested by the AATCC 100 test; 1:20 NB.

Ideal Ball chair for pregnacy

Moreover, it is recommended for pregnancy. First, it helps open the pelvis. Therefore, allows the baby to descend during the last days and hours leading up to delivery. Second, gently bouncing on the ball can help ease the pain of contractions.

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Features a 5mm non-slip surface with a laser engraved Body Alignment System. Therefore, this mat is perfect for optimizing your exercises and maintaining the correct position.

In addition, it includes vertical, horizontal and curved axes and lines to facilitate training. Subsequently, preventing damage and injury.

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Ozone Purification System that
eliminates 99,9% of viruses &

NO FILTERS required

Works with a long life rechargable lithium battery.

made with tritan

BPA and BPS free, unbreakable and durable.

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